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Executive Search | Management Consulting

We will meet you to conduct an in-depth assessment, thus gaining a thorough understanding of the organization and its culture, business issues, aims, priorities, budget and time scales.

Based on the information gathered we will create a detailed job description and a candidate profile.

Our Team will use this profile as a basis for assessing potential candidates.

We do not advertise or use Internet job search engines.

Our sourcing methodology generates candidates solely on qualifications, not employment status.

The Senior Consultant will interview and qualify candidates prior to formally submitting them for your review.

A written profile is generated on all candidates detailing the basis for submission.

As you interview candidates, we collect your feedback and fine tune our research.

The Senior Consultant will lead conversations from the candidate’s reference list.

Once the proper individual has been identified we offer guidance during the negotiation process.

We provide ongoing support, even after the deal is closed.

We work to ensure a smooth transition and a successful first year for you and the executive placed.